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HOPE in Him      GROW in Him      SHINE for Him

Hi! I’m Cyndi.

I created this website, blog and art studio to inspire and encourage you to be the best you can be for God. To help you grow personally and spiritually and discover your purpose. To help you be intentional about your time and relationships. To share my weaknesses and struggles that God …and only God…has helped me overcome!

I write the HGS BLOG from my heart. I strive to be authentic…knowing we are all in process and preparation for what God desires for our lives. Some of my writing is very real and raw, but ultimately, I write those hard things to help others that may have the same struggles I have had. I was only able to overcome them with God and I desire to help others. I write the things that God quietly puts on my heart…and I pray for the ones He brings to read my posts.  I pray that my posts speak to you in a special way…and give you understanding, revelation, and insight.  I pray they give you hope and help you grow.  I intentionally seek the Lord in what to write and share and pray it will touch just the right people that the Lord wants to reach.  I am passionate about the things I write about. I write with purpose.

I am a Certified Christian Life Coach – Purpose and Productivity are my passions.  I help people discover and clarify their purpose, and move forward into making it a reality.  I teach and coach Life Skills… like Time Management and Organization. I’m a Professional Organizer and my background is in Interior Design. Check out my WORKSHOPS.

MY TESTIMONY alone is pretty amazing! In 1984, God saved me & healed chronic back pain. He has delivered me from alcohol and drug addiction, aimlessness and depression. I write with the hope that what I’ve gone through and how God helped me overcome…will help someone else.

I’m also an artist and craftswoman. I create custom artwork and art pieces that are inspirational, healing and prophetic.  To see some of my artwork, go to HGS ART STUDIO.

Most importantly, it’s all about JESUS!  TO KNOW GOD (Know WHOSE you are and WHO you are)

I pray my website blesses you and causes you to HOPE in Him, GROW in Him, and SHINE for Him!

Thank you for visiting!  Be blessed!


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