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I am passionate about helping people move forward in life to fulfill their God-given purpose. To help them become WHOLE and LIVE PURPOSEFULLY for God. To be the BEST they can be for Him!  My mission to be a catalyst…a change agent! I provide hope, encouragement, healing, and inspiration through my testimony, blog, coaching and art.


Hope Grow Shine was birthed in 2003.  I am a recovered alcoholic and drug addict. I have 30+ years of sobriety under my belt.  Around 35 years old, I found myself still asking “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?”  Some of the alcoholism and drug problems stemmed from aimlessness. I had no real direction in life.  But now, I wanted to know what God’s will was for my life and move forward in life.


Besides prayer, I began to research “purpose” & “mission,” taking personality tests and spiritual gift tests.  Because I’m a very creative & visual person, I began putting it all together on a whiteboard. I could see the “big picture” or “Target”.  I began to see clues, patterns, and themes as I prayed. It really helped me see how her gifts and talents could work together. It is what helped bring me to where I am today!


In this process, I discovered what I was passionate about… Personal Development! 


Hope Grow Shine is about… TRANSFORMATION!


Hope for the hurting, broken, and addicted.


Grow in freedom, wholeness, and Christ’s love.


Shine with purpose by helping others.


Hope in Him      Grow in Him        Shine for Him


MY TESTIMONY  (Healing and deliverance from addictions, emotional pain, chronic pain, and aimlessness.)


HOPEGROWSHINE BLOG (Inspiration and Discipleship)


LIFE ON TARGET ©  (Life & Purpose Coaching)


HGS ART STUDIO  (Inspirational, healing & prophetic art)


TO KNOW GOD (Know WHOSE you are and WHO you are)


Thank you for visiting!

Be blessed!


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