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Even the demons believe…

November 10, 2017 Grow (discipleship)

  “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.”   James 2:19    Do you really believe in Jesus? Does your life really reflect that belief? Jesus said “Follow Me.”  Do you FOLLOW Him? His Word? Are you devoted, committed to Him?  I am a follower of Jesus Christ! I love Him […]


High and Dry

November 8, 2017 Grow (discipleship)

Dried out, dried up, uninterested, bored?  Those should never be words of a follower of Jesus.   I Timothy 1:19 talks about being “shipwrecked.”  “Having faith and a good conscience, which some having rejected, concerning the faith have suffered shipwreck.”   When your conscience isn’t clear or if you are deliberately violating your conscience, the […]


The Disciple Jesus Loved

November 7, 2017 Grow (discipleship)

I was reading in John this morning and the words…“the disciple Jesus loved” …stood out. Have you ever wondered why John called himself “the disciple Jesus loved?” That’s how he identified himself.   Can you say that about yourself? Do you really understand and know how much Jesus loves you…enough to say “I am the […]


Strong in Spirit!

October 27, 2017 Grow (discipleship)

“And the Child GREW and BECAME STRONG IN SPIRIT, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.” Luke 2:40   Are you growing in the things of God? Increasing in knowledge of Who He is. Growing in wisdom, revelation, understanding, and character?   Are you talking with God?   How closely do […]



October 26, 2017 Grow (discipleship)

  Charge the hill!  Overcome the opposition!  What are you waiting for?   God has given us all the AMMUNITION we need!   God has given us bullets, shells, missiles, bombs and grenades to use against the enemy!   But we have to use them!  What are they?   We have His POWER, AUTHORITY, and THE […]



October 12, 2017 Grow (discipleship)

  Just saying that word leaves a bad taste in your mouth, doesn’t it?  like DIRTY WATER…   Defiled  – to make unclean or impure to corrupt the purity or perfection of to violate the sanctity – the holiness of life and character: godliness   Jesus said….“Your SOULS aren’t HARMED by what you eat, but […]



October 11, 2017 Grow (discipleship)

Are you living sloppily, haphazardly, casually, without care, without attention? Don’t trip over things in life. Pay Attention!   Ephesians 5:15-20 says…“So be very CAREFUL how you live for these are evil days…   Be Careful….WALK CIRCUMSPECTLY. What does that mean?   It means to have careful consideration of all circumstances and desire to avoid […]



August 8, 2017 Grow (discipleship)

Jesus IS THE LION of Judah.  “… Do not weep. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, HAS PREVAILED to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals.” Revelations 5:5   The Bible says satan is LIKE a roaring lion.  He’s a COUNTERFEIT! A counterfeit is an exact imitation of […]



July 12, 2017 Grow (discipleship)

  How well do you represent Jesus?  Do your actions and words represent Him? If someone watching you saw your lifestyle, would they see Jesus? People are watching, you know.   Too many people in the world see hypocrisy. Insincere Christians – pretense.  So called “Christians” acting like the world.  Many people call themselves “Christian” […]



July 11, 2017 Grow (discipleship)

What does loyalty mean to you? Loyalty is faithfulness, trustworthiness, reliability, dependable, steadfastness, commitment, dedication.  Loyalty is much more than just being faithful not to cheat on someone.   Let’s evaluate our loyalties…to our spouse, family, friends, church, and our missions.   True Loyalty The true definition for loyalty is God. I call it “Royalty […]


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