Hope (encouragement)

Derailed by Dread

January 23, 2018 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

Have you ever felt like you are waiting for “the other shoe to drop?”  Yet, you don’t know why. What is that? It’s DREAD. Maybe you’ve been disappointed so many times before, that you expect disappointment again. You expect something unfavorable to happen. It causes a sense of anxiety or apprehension. Fearful anticipation – an […]


HE….is Able!

January 18, 2018 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

God has put a lot of dreams in my heart and I’m following Him as close as I know how. But I’m feeling so inadequate. The thing He has called me to seems so BIG! I KNOW I can’t do it myself! I’m launching anyway.  It feels like I’m jumping off a cliff… and it […]


Disapproval Free Zone

January 17, 2018 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

The Holy Spirit has spotlighted something in me lately that I really need to take a deeper look at.  I had a wrong thought and it unsettled me. I have a heart to serve and was helping…when this ugly thought rose up – I wanted to be “seen.” I knew that was not of God […]



January 15, 2018 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

Surgeons use a probe to EXPLORE a WOUND or a part of the body.  They explore the depth or direction of a wound. Probing may hurt, but in opening it up, the doctor is able to find the cause and get the INFECTION out. We all have emotional wounds – injuries, cuts, gashes, sore spots. […]


Wasted away in Margaritaville…

December 4, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)Hope (Freedom)

You’ve probably heard that song by Jimmy Buffet.   ARE YOU LIVING IN THE PAST?  Do you have hurts, guilt, regrets, unforgiveness that are still weighing you down? Difficult things that still upset you when you think about them? Are there things and people you still think about that continue to hurt your heart?  Is […]


Live a life Jesus will be proud of…

November 27, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

I want to live a life Jesus will be proud of. I choose to live a life Jesus will be proud of. Living in expectation that He is coming again…could actually come any day! It changes your perspective! He could come TODAY!  I aspire to live in His Presence – knowing He is watching my […]



November 17, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

  Luke 3:3 says…”people should be baptized (why?) To SHOW   they HAD TURNED from their sins and    HAD TURNED to God …to be forgiven.   When you TURN or PIVOT, you change direction.  You were going one way and now you are going another.  There is a definite “showing” or “proving.”   Verse […]



November 16, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

I have been thinking about the word “encounter.”  I have been praying that people would have an encounter with Jesus.  Really experience Him – His Love, His Power. His Presence. Praying for a real understanding of Who He is. Meet Him face-to-face. Is He REAL to you?   John 12:46 says “no one who believes […]


Born for a Purpose

November 1, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

In John 18:37, Pilate said, “So you are a king?” Jesus responded, “You say I am a king.   Actually, I was born …for this cause …THAT purpose.     Purpose = the reason something is created, fashioned, designed, shaped…. why it exists.   What were you born to do? created to do? Why do […]



October 25, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

Do you believe God ACCEPTS you?   If you have dealt with REJECTION in your life, you may not feel He accepts you. You may have been so criticized, felt disliked, felt people’s displeasure so much that it is hard to comprehend ACCEPTANCE.  Or maybe you know about “acceptance” in your head…but it hasn’t really […]


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