Hope (encouragement)


November 17, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

  Luke 3:3 says…”people should be baptized (why?) To SHOW   they HAD TURNED from their sins and    HAD TURNED to God …to be forgiven.   When you TURN or PIVOT, you change direction.  You were going one way and now you are going another.  There is a definite “showing” or “proving.”   Verse […]



November 16, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

I have been thinking about the word “encounter.”  I have been praying that people would have an encounter with Jesus.  Really experience Him – His Love, His Power. His Presence. Praying for a real understanding of Who He is. Meet Him face-to-face. Is He REAL to you?   John 12:46 says “no one who believes […]


Born for a Purpose

November 1, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

In John 18:37, Pilate said, “So you are a king?” Jesus responded, “You say I am a king.   Actually, I was born …for this cause …THAT purpose.     Purpose = the reason something is created, fashioned, designed, shaped…. why it exists.   What were you born to do? created to do? Why do […]



October 25, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

Do you believe God ACCEPTS you?   If you have dealt with REJECTION in your life, you may not feel He accepts you. You may have been so criticized, felt disliked, felt people’s displeasure so much that it is hard to comprehend ACCEPTANCE.  Or maybe you know about “acceptance” in your head…but it hasn’t really […]


Favored or Forgotten

October 20, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

Have you been feeling forgotten? Neglected, overlooked, left behind? What about abandoned, deserted, forsaken, cast off, set aside? Ignored, disregarded, not noticed?   These lead to discouragement and weariness…exactly where the enemy wants you.   God highlighted a word to me this morning.  It is found in Luke 1:28. The Angel Gabriel was bringing Mary […]


What do you ANCHOR your life on?

October 18, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

What does your life revolve around? What is your ANCHOR? When the wind blows, and the seas roll…what holds you steady?   Does your life revolve around a relationship? or what makes you feel good at the moment? Being the best? Producing? Pleasing people? Your health? Your money? Looking for love in all the wrong […]


Rustic Crosses

September 29, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

My rustic crosses are featured in a friend’s blog post!   Check it out!  Woodworking Tips for DIY Crosses   Elaine Mingus  www.radicalchristianwoman.com    



August 14, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

Are you weary and worn out trying to be a good Christ follower? I was.  It’s exhausting. Jesus says, “Come to Me all who are weary and worn out…and I will give you rest.” Matthew 28:11   God gave me this Scripture several months ago. Sometimes you “get it” and sometimes you just “don’t get it“. […]


Let HIM Lead you!

August 2, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)

  Are you taking the reins of your life or are you letting God have them?  Are you doing what you want to do or are you doing what God wants you to do?   Give Him your hand and let Him lead you!  Let Him be in charge. He knows the way…the best way!  […]


Let Jesus Calm Your Storm!

July 28, 2017 holderduo@yahoo.com Hope (encouragement)Hope (Freedom)

  “Say to them that are of a fearful heart…AN ANXIOUS HEART, Be strong, FEAR NOT: behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a reward; He will come and save you.”  Isaiah 35:4   God is greater than ANYTHING we face…or fear…or worry about. His Word given to our soul (mind, will, […]


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