HGS Art Studio

Inspirational, Healing, and Prophetic Art. They make unique gifts! Customize it.  If you are interested, please email me at cholder@hopegrowshine.com

20151002_120554_resized_3  ANCHOR   LOVE LIFTED ME  solomon 2   mtsinai  jesusis gate  lion of judah  heart broken     LOVE 

3.7.16 cross frame rope 


Picture  My background is in interior design and professional organizing.  My mom was my artistic inspiration. She was very artistic and I got my creative/artistic side from her. This is a picture of her at about 19 years old. Growing up, she and I did every craft that was “hot” at the moment 🙂 from tie dye to macrame. She taught me watercolors. She taught me how to engrave on glass. She had her own side business engraving initials on glass and embroidering fancy towels for wedding gifts. She also made jewelry. I’ve also worked at a furniture manufacturing plant and love to build things and work with my hands. I want to use my art and creativity for God’s glory.


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