Discover Your Purpose (Austin, Texas & surrounding areas)

At 32 years old, I was asking… “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?”  I started learning about spiritual gifts, personality and strengths tests and what I was passionate about. Because I’m very visual, I put it on a whiteboard. God started showing me patterns and themes.  It was exciting to see my purpose come together in Personal & Spiritual Development.  So… in 2003, I started doing Life on Target©  to help people discover their God-given purpose too.

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Purpose Towne©    (Tentative October 2018) 

Clarify Your Purpose & Move Forward in Making it a Reality. 

INVITATION ONLY.   (Prerequisite: Life on Target)  One Day Event with personal one-on-one coaching.  You will understand the difference between Vision, Purpose, and Mission. We will clarify your purpose. I will help you understand what is important and help you set a Goal to move you forward in your purpose.

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PlaceSetter©   (TBD January 2019)


Teaching, coaching and Professional Organizing.

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Day One: Obstacles, hurdles, hindrances, difficulties, stumbling blocks, obstructions, and barriers to Purpose. “The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.”  Taking a new track through wild country. 


Day Two: Overcoming the Obstacles. Give the devil a “Knock out Punch!

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TimeKeeper©   (TBD 2019)

Time Management: Priorities, Goals, Schedules, Time Wasters, & Time Saver Tips.

Teaching and Coaching.

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Feast in His Presence©   (TBD 2019)

Spiritual Disciplines Retreat

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On the Vine©   (TBD 2019)

Study of John 15 “I am Nothing” and the Fruit of the Spirit

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Fulfill©   (TBD 2019)

Moving Forward in Excellence. Fulfilling your Potential!

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